The HBRA of Fairfield County is an association that represents and advances the interests of the home building,
remodeling and land development industries in Fairfield County.
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    A National Association of Home Builders survey of 2,800 registered U.S. voters released Wednesday found that more than four out of five Americans (82%) believe buying a home is a smart investment.
    Construction projects, like anything else in life, are subject to change. Design blunders, unanticipated revisions to building codes, an owner-driven switch in material selection — all of these events can lead to changes that add a few dollars or create a significant addition to a project's scope and cost.
    While many homeowners are revamping their digs to build value or to meet their changing needs, potential sellers are also taking a fresh look at their homes for quick remodels that can boost their asking prices. Home renovation projects are so popular that industry growth could surpass that of new home construction in the coming years.
    How contractors stay on the 'leading edge' with new technologies
    Sam Rashkin's primer on insulated concrete panels explores how they can make economic sense in building homes and who's ready to try scaling it now.
    New construction remains slow. In May, groundbreakings stood at an annual rate of 1.138 million, below the 1.5 million needed to get supply back in line with demand. Adding to the pain–most of the homes that have been built in recent years have been for the luxury consumer, rather than lower price starter homes.
    It is often asked if Millennials will ever buy homes, but the better question may be will builders ever build homes Millennials can buy?
    Although demand for new homes is returning in most markets, qualified workers remain scarce. Builders who want to capitalize on this demand and grow their businesses have to do more with the labor resources they have. They have to become more efficient, effective and productive by optimizing their business processes.
    Ridgefield Supply Company, a Connecticut-based lumberyard and retail store, announced today the appointment of Ed Rekos as the company’s Vice President of Sales.
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