Ready to Pick Tile Like a Pro?

We found a tile expert & asked for some pro tips!


Meet Lana Camera, Creative Director & Product Manager at Tile America.

Selecting tile for your home can be overwhelming as there are many options and considerations… Below are some ideas that can provide a starting point to prepare you for your project. An inspirational photo that speaks to you is the best place to start. This photo can serve as a conversation starter with a design consultant in a tile showroom and may lead to the final look, it’s a great starting place!


Only you can decide what color is right, but here are a few basic rules to remember: Lighter colors make a space appear brighter and larger while darker colors add warmth and can hide everyday spills. A neutral colored tile can allow you to change the style of the space with paint and accessories, but if you love a trendy color, go for it! Just keep in mind, this is an investment and will be with you while trends change. Size matters. Tile is available in many sizes from small 3/8″ mosaics to 24″x48″ larger slab tiles and everything in between. We have seen a recent shift toward larger tiles for floor and wall applications. As a result, 12″x24″ have become the norm option for floors and walls. The reason is that larger tiles make a space appear bigger due to less grout joints. Paired with beautiful mosaics, these large format tiles can add an element of visual interest to your space.


There are many styles to choose from but some considerations to keep in mind are how it relates to the overall decorating style of your home for a more cohesive look. For example, rustic or stone-looking tiles are good with many decors and are excellent at hiding dirt, polished marble tiles lend a more formal look. While white “subway” tiles are still just as popular as ever and fit in with any decor. Newer products such as glass and metal tiles are frequently paired with ceramic tile or natural stone to create a unique and modern installation. Always think of the long game, is this your forever home or are you looking to sell it? If you plan on staying, ask yourself, will I like this 10 years from now? If you plan on selling your home, staying with a decorating style that has broad appeal is best.


With ‘Back to School’ right around the corner, kitchens and mudrooms are the perfect way to organize your family. These areas are high-traffic and the heart of the home. Using a high wear-rated tile provides years of easy maintenance and clean up that a family, pets, and New England weather demands. Make sure to ask for the wear code on the tile to be sure you have the correct product for your use. Another tip is to pick a tile with shade variation in the glaze to hide everyday messes.


Do a little research and be realistic about what your project could cost. A good way to assess your budget is to ask yourself a few questions: is this a primary area with high visibility or an area of low priority? What is the return on your investment if you do decide to sell the home? Are the changes you are making going to add value? These could determine the selections you make and the budget you choose.

These are just a few considerations as your project is important and costly! Working one on one with an expert tile designer is essential for guidance to the right products and educating you on what you need and why. Go to where you can get started with inspirational photos, make an appointment, or visit one of our showrooms and let a design consultant show you how different materials can be combined to turn your dream into a reality.