Four Reasons Why You Should Start Your New Construction or Home Renovation Project at a Lighting Showroom

The excitement of a new construction or home renovation can be both overwhelming and exhilarating. One essential, yet often overlooked, element of home décor is lighting. Where you start your journey can have a lasting impact on your project’s success. At CT Lighting Centers, we believe that the ideal starting point is at a dedicated lighting showroom before the construction begins. With two prominent showrooms in Southington and Hartford, CT, we bring you four compelling reasons to begin your home makeover with us.

Lighting is the cornerstone of any new construction or renovation project, it should be so much more than a decorative afterthought. The way a room is lit can transform its ambiance, highlight its features, and create a desired mood.


Functional lighting is not just an afterthought in home décor; it’s the foundational layer. By starting your journey in a lighting showroom, you can see the difference of properly placed functional recessed lighting on display. We encourage you to bring your new construction or renovation plans for functional lighting layout and design consultation before construction begins to understand how to set the stage for every room, ensuring it’s lit in a manner that complements its purpose and design. Let us show you the difference in good, better or best with prices to fit any budget.


When you step into our showrooms, you enter a world of infinite lighting possibilities with thousands of fixtures on display. The range of styles, designs, and functionalities is boundless if we have the opportunity to consult with you before the project begins. As an example, if you have a nine-foot island, you might consider two large pendants or possibly three smaller ones. Sitting with a lighting consultant before finalizing your electrical plans allows you to see the possibilities prior to making decisions.


Choosing lighting from an online catalog or a big box store is vastly different from experiencing it firsthand in a dedicated showroom setting. Experience the actual size, brightness and finish of various lighting fixtures. This hands-on approach reduces the uncertainty and guesswork, ensuring that you’re fully satisfied with your choices before they find a place in your home.


While our name emphasizes lighting, our showrooms in Southington and Hartford are so much more than just a lighting. We believe in home solutions, and lighting is just the beginning. Whether you’re in search of decorative hardware, ceiling fans, lighting controls, Sonos audio, mirrors, accent furniture, table and floor lamps, and home décor we have a tremendous display that is always changing.

By initiating your project journey at CT Lighting Centers, you are assured of an enriched understanding, a broad spectrum of choices, budgetary control, and a tangible preview of the transformative power of lighting. Visit our showrooms in Southington or Hartford and see the difference for yourself.