Why Join The HBRA?



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If you have any questions please call the HBRA office at (203) 335-7008 or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you to Rocky Progano of MediaCom for creating these membership videos. Rocky is an active member of the membership committee.







Justin Schietinger, DeRosa Builders

“Becoming a part of the HBRA of Fairfield County has been one of the most beneficial decisions I have made for my company. Within the first couple months of being part of the HBRA of Fairfield County I attended my first monthly membership meeting and was immediately taken under the wing of one of the HBRA’s long-time members and introduced to a number of different members. Needless to say, I suddenly felt right at home. Being a relatively new member I have already seen such great value in this association. I have networked with many builders and associates who all share the same goal, helping contribute their products and services to making Fairfield County grow. ”

Kim DiMatteo, DiMatteo Group

“I have been a member of the HBRA of Fairfield County for almost 25 years. I was new to the business insurance industry when I joined the association. I was young and looking to grow my cliental. I put the time in, went to the meetings monthly, joined the membership committee (I am actually the chairperson today) and got my feet wet. It took about a year, then it all clicked. This association has given everything back to me that I could have or ever dreamed of giving to all of them. It has been the base of my business. Some of my best friends came from this organization. As an associate member what I can say to any other member, get involved and you will never regret joining this amazing association. After 25 years I still feel the same I did when I was lucky enough to meet my first business contact”

Leigh Overland, Leigh Overland Architects

“As an architect, I thought it would be appropriate to join the HBRA a couple of years ago. The organization has far exceeded my expectations! I had the opportunity to meet many new builder colleagues as well as a professional group of building project suppliers, interior designers, etc. My HBRA experience has added much value to my business and brought wonderful personal contacts that were unexpected. Thank you for the opportunity to teach some course and being part of the HBRA community.”