Is It Truly Worth Investing in a Professional Photographer?

Hear firsthand from our own HBRA Member, Kirt Washington, on the true worth of investing in professional photography?

In today’s world, where everyone seems to be armed with a camera, the question arises: does it matter who wields it? The debate over the value of professional photography continues to stir opinions. But beyond the debate lies a fundamental question: what intrinsic value does media creation bring to a company? Media isn’t just about snapping photos; it’s a versatile tool with myriad applications. Whether it’s documenting your work, enhancing your online presence, or impressing with award submissions, the quality of your visuals speaks volumes about your brand. While not every image needs to be perfectly polished, each must convey professionalism and assure viewers of the quality they can expect. After all, every piece of media content contributes to strengthening your brand and showcasing your offerings.

As someone who straddles both the realms of professional photography and hands-on experience in the trades, I understand the importance of tailoring content to the audience. No two clients are the same, and their expectations vary. It’s crucial to have a diverse range of content to meet their needs and leave a lasting impression. I live by the mantra: “No shortcuts, no missed opportunities.” It’s about structuring your business to yield the best results and deliver on your promises.

While everyone may have access to cameras, not everyone grasps their true value or possesses the expertise to use them effectively. Engaging in detailed discussions with your photographer can preempt future challenges with clients; this enables you to showcase visual examples of previous projects and educate them on design options. This approach not only enhances workflow efficiency but also fosters a consistent sense of self-respect in your work, demonstrating your professionalism.

While I may be biased, I take immense pride in presenting my portfolio. I aim to instill that same sense of pride in my clients and help them realize the true worth of investing in professional photography. When executed correctly, the long-term return on investment is significant in every way. Is it truly worth investing in a professional photographer? Yes, yes it is.

Gatehouse Partners | Testimonial

“Kirt Washington is a consummate professional with a clear, creative vision and a kind disposition. Having Kirt photograph our projects over the last few years has been a joy. He takes the time to discuss our goals and efficiently organizes the correct course, including timing and equipment, to get us there. His photography elevates our projects,and his drone footage has been a huge plus for our marketing. Gatehouse Partners highly recommends considering Kirt Washington and his services.”

-Gatehouse Partners

Greenwich, CT

To view Kirt Washington’s Portfolio or to contact him regarding his many services including photography, videography, drone operation and creating marketing materials for various applications for your residential or commercial projects visit or email