Adding Value to Your House with Home Improvements

Here are a few ideas from our friends at Trex Protect. They have extensive experience with everything from small DIY projects to professional home renovations that add value and enjoyment to people’s homes. You would be amazed at all of the innovative solutions they’ve seen!

For the majority of us, the home that we own is our biggest asset. So how do we make that asset even more valuable? Easy! You can increase your home’s value with a few home improvements or house projects, or by developing some creative concepts. Also, with warmer weather on its way, you might be even more eager to begin these projects.

Think Green

We actually mean this as a bit of a double entendre. Besides beautifying your yard, outdoor area, or shrubbery, consider making your home more energy efficient. Windows which close completely, solid storm doors, and good weatherstripping can help retain your home’s heat or AC. It will keep your heating and electric bill low, too. In addition, ensuring your appliances are up-to-date and operating efficiently will make your home more appealing to a potential future buyer. EnergyStar is a program designed to help you learn about energy-saving appliances.

Cooking Up Ideas

The kitchen is not only a place for recipe creating, eating, and, yes, absently staring into the refrigerator. It is often the central point for gathering. As a result, the kitchen is often the room for making many memories. Embarking on a kitchen project – either simple or more involved – will help add value to your house.

Replacing cabinets and counters are some things that come to mind if you want a new look for your kitchen. Or simply stripping and painting your kitchen cabinets will give them a fresh look. Additionally, installing artistic hooks for pots and pans or some fun food-related artwork will make your kitchen pop!

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t have to be reserved only for the spring season. However, with the warmer weather, people tend to do this during those months, so let’s look at some things you can do now. A good dusting, cleaning, and waxing of hard floors, along with paint touch ups, will help improve the appearance of your house. In addition, hiring a company to clean the duct-work and vents and steam clean your carpets will aid in sprucing up your abode.

Remember to inspect your house for cracked windows, leaky faucets, bugs, and damp basements (if you have one), as these things will help improve the appearance and quality of your home. Don’t be shy about donating items you don’t use or repurposing them for your current needs. Homeowners tend to dismiss that merely doing a thorough cleaning of their homes might help them get in the mindset for home beautification and improvement.

Bathroom Break

Although we may not think it, we’re in the bathroom more often than we realize. Besides getting ready for work or zoom meetings, we utilize it throughout the day, and then we spend a few minutes before bedtime in there. It adds up. Let’s make that room more attractive.

Fresh paint, a new backsplash, or a faucet upgrade can make all the difference. Even swapping out the toilet seat, and putting in new hardware, such as towel racks, can give your bathroom a nice makeover.

Outdoor Upgrades

Let’s talk about the outside of your house. There are so many ideas! Some of the first things we think of might be adding a patio or deck. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may either DIY or consider hiring a reputable company to help you install your chosen project. According to Remodeling Magazine, outdoor decks recoup around 83% of their value.

For those more ambitious, consider adding a three seasons room or sunroom to expand your enjoyment of the outdoors. If you want something less extravagant, try installing a canopy or pergola, as that can enhance the use of your patio or porch.

In regards to landscaping, as mentioned before, installing a small garden, a fountain, or if space is an issue, plant some flower boxes. Adding a few flowering plants, a water feature, or some outdoorsy art can work wonders for curb appeal.

These suggestions are fun and mostly easy projects for you and your family to ponder this spring. With the weather turning warmer and the days becoming longer, you will likely be outside more. By making some home improvements, identifying potential trouble spots in and around your house, and doing some deep spring cleaning, you can make your house shine – literally – and add value to your home, which is especially good in today’s market.


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