Professional Women in Building

Professional Women in Building Council

Chair Woman: Amber Wilder
Vice President: Stephanie Rapp
Treasurer: Lisa Bancroft
Secretary: Emilia Ferri

Amber Wilder
Angela Legg
Bethryn Rogers
Birgit Anich
Cheryl Russ
Chieh Jen
Connie Cooper
Dana Drugo
Danica Caruso
Dawn Corbo
Dorothy Cardillo
Emilia Ferri
Gabriela Vetrini
Gina Pietrocola
Jennifer Murphy
Joan Hennessey
Joanne Carroll
Judy Doyle
Karen Bradbury
Kerry Brunn
Kim DiMatteo
Lauren Pepe
Leia T. Ward
Linda Daniels
Linda Ryan
Lisa Bancroft
Lisa O’Mara
Lora Mazurak
Mara Skowronek
Maureen Hanley
Maureen Rooney
Melissa Ramos
Michelle Hogue
Paulina Morales
Peggy Rubens-Duhl
Rebecca St. Germain
Roberta Mancuso
Robin Carroll
Sharon McCormick
Stephanie Odenath
Stephanie Rapp
Suzanne Stillwell
Tarra Del Chiaro
Tori McBrien
Tricia Korbl
Tyra Dellacroce

Formed in early 2018, the Fairfield County PWB is an Affiliated Professional Women in Building Council of the National Association of Home Builders Professional Women in Building Council, and the Home Builders and Remodelers Association (HBRA) of Fairfield County.

The purpose of the Fairfield County PWB:

  1. To assist in the accomplishment of the mutual objectives of the NAHB, the National Association of Home Builders Professional Women in Building Council, and the HBRA of Fairfield County.
  2. The Fairfield County PWB is first and foremost an organization dedicated to supporting the professional development of the women in the home building industry. Its members consist of NAHB Builder and Associate members of NAHB Builder as well as NAHB Affiliate members where they are recognized by the HBRA of Fairfield County.
  3. The Fairfield County PWB provides direct member services through education and training programs which focus on professional and leadership development, networking opportunities, and industry related information.
  4. In addition, the Fairfield County PWB recognizes its role in supporting the overall building industry by mobilizing its membership to assist efforts spearheaded by local, state, and national builder’s associations.

The council meets the third Thursday of each month except for July and August. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.