2018 CT Legislative Alerts


CT Housing Permits Issued 1980-2017: This graph clearly shows how we have yet to climb out of our decades-long housing recession.

It’s more important now than ever before to develop relationships with your legislators and explain how certain laws and regulations are negatively impacting our industry. See below for more information.




The Connecticut legislative session is underway and there are many major issues going through the committee process. We need your help contacting your legislators on issues that affect our industry and your businesses. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Click here to read about our major bills.  



SB 274: An act concerning the assessment of municipal taxes on certain residential dwellings

Monday, March 5, there will be a public hearing on SB 274, our proposal to exempt homes under construction from higher tax assessments and the local property tax.

Under the bill, higher assessments would occur at the earliest of three triggers:
1) Issuance of a C.O.
2) Transfer of a deed to a buyer, or
3) Actual use as a residence

How can your input be heard? Your voice WILL make a difference and it only takes a few moments. Make phone calls and/or send emails today!

To take action on our proposal to exempt homes, under construction from higher tax assessments and the local property tax, contact the legislators who serve on the Planning & Development Committee.

The contact list with phone and emails for the committee is here. 

For more information on why we support the bill, read our talking points.


Governor Malloy’s budget proposal earlier this month included a series of new taxes and fees as a means of closing Connecticut’s $245 million budget deficit.

The governor’s proposed taxes and fees were submitted to the General Assembly in a bill titled SB 10. The bill includes:

  1. A hike in the tax on real estate conveyances from .75 to .85, and 1.25 to 1.4 percent.
  2. Installing tolls on Connecticut highways. Contrary to popular belief, these will not be installed on the borders, but rather throughout the state.  Read why here.
  3. A new tax on nonprescription drugs and medicines.
  4. A new CT Tire Tax of $3 per tire.
  5. 7 cent increase in the gas tax to be phased in between 2019-2022. Unfortunately Connecticut already has the 6th highest gas taxes in the nation
  6. A penalty on businesses by maintaining a temporary surcharge on the corporation tax that was due to expire June 30.
  7. The elimination of the $500 credit on the income tax for recent college graduates who earn a degree in a science, technology, engineering, or math field.

Write an email to: FINtestimony@cga.ct.gov with a subject line “SB10” and CC: your legislator on the email. (Look up your legislator here).

  1. Your testimony can be 1 sentence or multiple paragraphs
  2. Speak from your experiences
  3. Sign your name, town of residence and we encourage you to mention you are a member of the HBRA of Fairfield County

Thank you for taking a few minutes to advocate on behalf of our industry. Any questions or concerns call Jackie at 203.335.7008 or email at Jackie@buildfairfieldcounty.com.

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