Joint Testimonials

Members Doing Business With Members

Anthony DeRosa
DeRosa Builders

“At a recent monthly HBRA meeting, I was approached by the owners of a new lighting design showroom in Norwalk CT, Chloe Winston.  After speaking for a few minutes, they invited us down to the new showroom in South Norwalk for a visit.  My team and I are always looking to meet new vendors, new suppliers and learn how they conduct business and how our businesses can mutually benefit from the connection.  We took the Chole Winston team up on the offer and had a great visit with Candace, Rina and Ava.  The location is convenient, the lighting displayed is fantastic and current.  Our clientele would benefit from their knowledge and showroom.  We will be working with them in the future.  We are always thankful to the HBRA for putting different people in the same room who may not otherwise know about each other.  As a builder these resources are invaluable.”

Candace Pereira
Chloe Winston Lighting Design

"We are thrilled to have recently become members of both HBRA Fairfield County and the Professional Women in Building Council. And, fortunate to have had the opportunity to host our first PWB Council meeting to show off our new showroom one week, and to have sponsored the "Beyond the Blueprint" HBRA event the next. Happy to dive right in! Both were great experiences that were full of great insights and were well-attended by such welcoming groups of professionals. We appreciate the networking opportunities as we met with many including Anthony and Hannah from DeRosa Builders who so graciously took the time out of their busy schedule to visit our showroom to talk shop.  These relationships are critical to the success of our business. Many thanks to HBRA."