Builder Spotlight: Hemingway Fine Homes

Hemingway Fine Homes is a family run organization with deep roots in lower Fairfield County. As a builder comprised of three generations of the Sciarretta family, Hemingway Fine Homes produces homes that are the perfect mix of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. This unique blend has allowed Hemingway Fine Homes to be recognized by its peers as a leader in the building industry, with Hemingway’s projects being published in numerous publications and the recipient of 44 “Home Building Industry” awards for excellence.

Hemingway Fine Homes is rich in the tradition of quality craftsmanship and an equivalent commitment to using the latest smart home technologies. During the course of its 40+ years of existence, Hemingway Fine Homes has focused its practice in the field of high-end custom residential construction in lower Fairfield, Westchester and Palm Beach Counties. This has allowed Hemingway to be extremely effective in delivering a product that not only meets and exceeds the demands of its clientele and design professionals but that is also produced in a manner that responds to budgetary constraints. Clients consistently remark about the professionalism and care in which Hemingway Fine Homes carries out its projects and their satisfaction with Hemingway is no better evidenced by their numerous referrals.
Hemingway Fine Homes prides itself in constructing a product that is true to the original design without comprising the artistic vision of the architect. With such a goal in mind, Hemingway Fine Homes exercises great effort to keep the owner and architect actively involved in and apprised of developments with all stages of their project. Hemingway views all of its projects like a Broadway production, in which the owner and architect respectively serve the role as producer and writer and Hemingway Fine Homes, as director, takes their shared vision and makes certain that the same is accurately conveyed and carried out by the actors (subcontractors and vendors). Such a production will only be successful if all of the parties work cooperatively together to attain the ultimate vision, while simultaneously allowing each the freedom to implement the unique talents that they bring to the table.

Hemingway Fine Homes is extremely mindful of the challenges that are confronted by homeowners when they engage in building projects. As a result, Hemingway will structure its management of this project in such a way as to alleviate stress and make the building process enjoyable and fun.

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