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When you join the HBRA of Fairfield County, you get 3 organizations (local, state and national) serving you, all providing you value for your membership commitment!

To successfully compete, today’s businesses need to keep on top of consumer trends, new construction methods, new technology and materials, codes and standards, potential markets, sales and marketing and business management skills, networking opportunities and access to captive audiences, financial markets and lending trends, legislation, regulations and legal decisions. It takes a lot of work and the HBRA exists to help its members – PLUS, we offer insurance and product discounts and rebates that pays for your dues investment many times over.

Levels of membership:

Builder/Remodeler and Associate Members are main memberships in that the Applicant is the main contact and representative of the Applicant’s company. If the Applicant has a partner, sales rep or other employee who would also like to hold a membership with HBRA of Fairfield County they would qualify for a discounted Affiliate membership rate.

Builder/Remodeler Members. Builder members are directly involved in building homes. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders and remodelers.

Associate Members. These are the companies and people who offer services and products to builders – lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as masonry, painting, architectural, interior design, insurance. mortgage finance and training.

Affiliate Members. This category enables the employees of builder and associate members to attend membership meetings and reap the rewards of HBRA membership at a fraction of the cost. Affiliate membership shall be open to persons who desire access to local HBRA & NAHB who are operating under a Builder/Remodeler or Associate member’s Federal Tax Id number.

Please fill out the form below. You will also need to email a copy of CT License/Registration and/or Certificate of Insurance  to before membership is activated.  If paying by check, please include these items with your remittance. You will be notified by email when check has been processed. You can also download the application and mail with your payment.

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