The Case Against Exclusionary Zoning

The Case Against Exclusionary Zoning

In a new policy paper, Michael Stegman, a senior housing policy fellow at the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, argues that the collective impact of decades of layering exclusionary zoning and land use controls is not just higher housing prices. These regulations, he says, are also a powerful contributor to declining rates of economic mobility and productivity growth, and widening disparities in the wealth of white and black Americans.

While having local roots, exclusionary land use practices have clearly become a national problem that Stegman says requires bold national action.

Read his paper, Eliminating Exclusionary Land Use Regulations Should be the Civil Rights Issue of our Time, which can be found at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies website.

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 Grant received from the National Housing Endowment will seek to help

impact the local skilled labor shortage.

Fairfield, CT, July 29, 2019 – The Home Builders & Remodelers Association (HBRA) of Fairfield County received a $2,500 grant from the National Housing Endowment with the purpose to expand student knowledge of career paths in the skilled trades. The association has teamed up with JM Wright Technical High School in Stamford, CT to provide opportunities to help match up employers with prospective employees.

Research conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows a scarcity of labor remains an important headwind for home builders and the entire construction industry. The median age of construction workers in Connecticut is 44, which is among the highest in the nation.

The grant will in part support an event planned for early February 6, 2020 to bring together members of the HBRA of Fairfield County and students to discuss opportunities in the different trades and what each career path holds. Scholarships will also be awarded to students who need tools or supplies for their new position or help with transportation costs to get to the job site. Scholarship funds can also be awarded for continuing education or certifications in the trades.

“The skilled labor shortage and aging workforce in the construction industry is challenging for our members but it is also affecting housing affordability nationwide. The partnership with JM Wright is critical to ensuring we are training the next generation of carpenters, plumbers & electricians. Hopefully this partnership will yield more of our members hiring students and showing the next generation there are great jobs available in our industry that don’t require 4 years of college” said Jackie Bertolone, Executive Officer of the HBRA of Fairfield County.

Principal of JM Wright Technical, Dr. Phyllis Bartoli released the following statement: “JM Wright Technical High School holds our students to high standards so that they can achieve their personal best in both academics and the trades.  The partnership that has developed between JM Wright Technical High School and the HBRA of Fairfield County recognizes the power of students with the necessary skills to become critical thinkers and productive citizens. This power is strengthened and advanced through the cooperative relationships with businesses and industry in the local community of Fairfield county. In addition to the development of interpersonal skills, the students are well-prepared for post-secondary education, including apprenticeships and immediate productive employment.”

HBRA of Fairfield County is a not-for-profit organization representing and advancing the interests of the home building, remodeling and land development industries in Fairfield County.

For more information or to register, call the office at (203) 335-7008 or e-mail: To learn more about the HBRA organization, visit: